21 June 2018 – end of the eclipse

Dear friends,
Happy Summer Solstice to all of you!
We had some great news in the development of our case.
First of all the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of the UK granted us special leave to appeal against:
1. The decision of the single judge who refused to grant us a stay of execution of the possession order upon determination of the whole case.
2. The decision of the Registrar of the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas to refuse us a fee waiving.
While the first issue is obviously crucial for our family and, we believe, to the public in general, because there was a clear absence of the balance of justice, and violation of contractual terms and rights of individual traders, the second issue raises a historically important question for the whole Bahamas. It still is said here that in order to go to the court you need money. This is true for most of the cases and cleans up the mountain of trivial issues which potentially can keep courts busy in vain. But what about cases like ours, where the only hope of other side was to break us down financially and morally and so we will give up? What about many others with different issues who have a just case but cannot afford to pay fees? This is already resolved around the world where financially assisted persons if entitled, may obtain a fee waiving, but not yet in the Bahamas. So, we are preparing the best of our documents, hoping for the help of some attorneys and trusting that their Lordships in London, with their wisdom and expertise, will make justice not only between the parties but for the benefit of the Bahamas and others in the Commonwealth.
We hope the solar eclipse of justice will be finished as soon as it is in the law of nature – the photo of this post is from solar eclipse happened in the Bahamas on 21 August 2017.
Thank you for keeping supporting us and sharing our website and news!
Have a nice Sunday and everything!

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