23 March 2015-2018 we are going to win!

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

Maya Angelou


Little did we know on this day… I remember well it was Monday. Our attorney at that time was well known and old Mr. Charles Mackay. For some reason, he would always repeat that he knew nothing about investments and that we should explain our case to the judge and explain it personally. We submitted our arguments to him many times over since January 2015, but he did nothing. On Friday, 20 March 2015, Teo’s Birthday, however, I contacted Mr.Mackay and asked to prepare written documents – byhaving  studyed law for only two years in Italy I remembered that once you go into the court you must submit something in writing. On Sunday afternoon, 22 March 2018, we received an email with a draft of the affidavit. It was not exactly what we wished, but had no time – we were told by Mr. Mackay that the hearing would be on 25 March 2015, so 2 clear days for submitting documents would expire by Monday, 23 March 2015.
Monday morning, we wrote emails to this lawyer and my husband went downtown to swear an affidavit. Please, see nelow C.M email.
And before leaving, Yuri asked:
–  what time will be hearing on Wednesday, Mr. Mackay?
– call me in the afternoon
And I remember very well this afternoon, and Yuri’s changed voice.. and repeating – how can it be, our case was judged? How did it happen without us being in court? What can you say to the judge if you always said you knew nothing about investment? How can it be to pay the bank, while it was UBS who had breached our contract and went into liquidation? And what does it mean to pursue a counter-claim, where, they are going out of the country? With what, if they will take the home?
What can we do now? Can we Appeal? No? Why?
This was the beginning of our three year saga…
My mother was sitting in the living room… She always knew how to give us support and strength… later this sad battle broke her heart and led to her death..

Three years. Summary judgment. We have still never been heard on our merits, not one court in the Bahamas has botered to examined the very breeches conducted by UBS. And now, panic-stricken they are intimidating us, trying to squeeze and humiliate us in any way, with only one reason, to stop us from taking them to a trial. And the courts are silent!

Our competent appeal is in the Court of Appeal since 1 February, with multiple requests for an urgent hearing, and nothing.
Our cross-action is in the Supreme Court and nothing.
Our leave for committal proceedings is in the Supreme Court and also nothing.
But we are going to win!
Because truth and Justice have always won, even if the way is not always easy!
Be well and take care,
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Charles MACKAY <…………………………….@mackaymoxey.com>
Date: 2015-03-23 8:24 GMT-04:00
Subject: Re: UBS Guinness record trading floor
To: Ira Staro <irastaro@gmail.com>

The affidavit has to be sworn, filed and served today. Please let me know what time 
you are able to do so.
Charles W. Mackay 
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ira Staro <irastaro@gmail.com>
Date: 2015-03-23 9:03 GMT-04:00
Subject: Re: UBS Guinness record trading floor
To: Charles MACKAY <……………………………..@mackaymoxey.com>

Good morning Mr. Mackay,
we can leave even right now and be by your office within one hour. Please let us know what time is good for you.
have a nice day,
Irina and Yuri Starostenko

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