27 March 2018, one month

25 March BNAG Graham Fogel's installation

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you very much for being with us, for making our impossible survival possible and even joyful.

First of all our deepest condolences to all the victims, their families of the terror fire occurred in Kemerovo, Yuri’s city, on 26 March 2018. Mourning, praying, crying…

I can not believe it is already one month since this violent and illegal action performed upon us. Our kids still can not study full curriculum once the school books were left at home with the logical reasoning of our sons – we are not going to study tonight, they told us to take essential for one night and we can come back tomorrow. No way, Lennox Patton attorney’s Marco Turnquest and Chizelle Cargill, with hidden behind them so-called UBS, which is no other than UBS’ liquidator John Delancy joined by his friend Larode King are plotting in all their criminal minds and trying to squeeze us any possible way. I omit the qualifications of Mr. and Dr. with the clear purpose because since those individuals are torturing my children for one month, after being beaten and offended, I clearly can not qualify them as humans.

To have two legs and hands doesn’t mean to be human. The brain activity is available also for animals. It is heart and feelings, it is honesty and values which distinguish us from the animal world and those individuals are obviously lacking it. For not to say, woman and mother, to be part of this conspiracy, actively assisting to promote evil. She never speaks during the hearings, but using all her charming appearance and fast talk to persuade and mislead every single court clerk. and more. Well, it is not the first time in the history – the cruelest torturers of Concentration camps were often women. As for today, still the same – to re-enter home we are asked to sign a deed of Release! “We are further instructed that while our client wishes to accommodate you and your family to remove your belongings from the Property, it requires that you first execute the attached deed of discharge and release.” Which means to give up property and our battle! Please see our letter to Lennox Paton dated 16 March 2018, also attached here  Letter to LXP—request for access tp property—16 March 2018.   No, we will not and we are doing it not only for us, but for our children, for each and every individual who is guided by an inner sense of Justice and Truth.

This is also the battle for the rights of all self-directed traders, this beautiful rising class of wealthy harmonious persons who is bringing real new World on our chaotic societies. We will write about this in a separate article. Only repeating here that all of this new real financial Freedom is now possible thanks to the Milestone work of Mr. Leo Melamed, please read, learn about in his book “Escape to the Futures” or his website http://www.leomelamed.com/.

This is also battle for banks to finally understand that it is time to change and stop using their Goliath’s power to intimidate and squeeze individuals. What UBS won, asked the friend? UBS hoping to escape from us without paying all the damages created. the UBS’ team of assistants are thirsty to get something around 1 million dollar deal in selling our home undervalue and celebrate their nasty plans. But this will not be! Because there is the law! Because we are in Commonwealth of the Bahamas and at the very end, on the very top we have Privy Council of her majesty Queen of UK. And, UBS knows that once we will be on trial they have no defense against our claim – they were in breach of our contract, it was them to refund only $3,000 out of $165,000 owed, and then they went in liquidation – 4 years before our contract would expire! And obtained the court order by perjuries and lies. And conducted proceedings illegally and with violence, while preventing us from doing our business – which is trading in futures.

We love you all and our gratitude is with you! Special thanks to our five hosting families – four Bahamians and One from Jamaica, thank you! Your patience, friendship, and smiles are our vital energy now!

Special thanks to those who wrote me WhatsApp comments and helped to improve the site, please keep doing so!

And the life is not what occurred just today, it is about what we feel, learning and growing in our souls! Please, find time to visit amazing exhibition at National Art gallery and feel different dimensions at the room filled with music and Arts work, thanks to the Scottish Artist Graham Fagen and others installation http://www.grahamfagen.com/. The NAGB  now is a radiant light of Art and free on Sundays for Bahamians! If you did not visit it recently make you self this beautiful gift http://nagb.org.bs/

Be well and smiley!

Irina and all

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